My  Story:  For several years I had had problems with infections (especially sinisus).  I was going to the doctor every 3 weeks,  then it got to where I was going two or three times and week.  I felt tired much of the time,  The doctor finally decided I needed to go to the hospital for tests.

The biggest mystery in my case:  I was 61 at the time, never, ever had sex of any kind, used  dirty needles, or had a blood transfusio.

The doctors did a bunch of tests, and I can remember a doctor coming in, sitting down, and telling me I had aids.   WOW  That blew my mind.  I asked several times if he was sure.  He said my CD4 count was below 200 (I don't remember him telling me the exact number).  He said that usually if the number between350 or so or above, a person was usually not started on treatment.  But since the 2 tests they had done on me were below 200, he wanted to go ahead and start on treatment.  I was numb and said ok. ( I am glad I did).  This was 2 years ago.

The doctor started me on Atripla.  I have had several tests done since then and all the CD4 counts have been between about 200 and 280.  That was March, 2008.  My insurance wouldn't pay for Atripla after December, 2009.  O in January of this year he started me on Truvada and Susta (I am not sure of the spellings).  I go tomorrow for a 6 month check up. 

My side effects:  I have no clue how I got AIDS (for real)..  I had already retired because of some other health problems.  My brother, one cousin out of 23, and my 2 nephew and their families plus a couple of friends know.  What has been the wrost thing for me:  I have a nephew with 3 children:  a girl 11, a girl 9, and a boy 7.  i used to see them once or twice a week and eat supper with them.. My niece has told me she doesn't want me around them anymore because she is afraid they witl catch something from me.  That has broken my heart.  As far as physical symptoms, I have sweats a lot and have itchy skin.

I better stop before I take all day.




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  1. deenville 12 years ago

    Gang:  thanks for your messages of encouragment.  I appreciate your support.



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