Hi, I’m Caelinn. I am planning to run away. There is just one problem. So my parents are home 90% of the time so I had to be careful when I packed. I would pack a little at a time because that’s all I could do. I hid my backpack in my closet. But one day, when I was at school, my mom found my backpack. I was terrified. When she told me that she had found it I ran into the bathroom and locked the door. My mom did a chick-flick moment but it didn’t work. I was so close to being done packing to. My dad took away my backpack and hid it somewhere. I still don’t know where it is. I’m looking for it whenever I can. I need to run away. If I don’t I fear I’ll go a little insane. But now my mom won’t let me out of her sight. It’s hard to do anything. I’m lucky that I was able to write this blog post without her knowing. My dad is over reacting and my mom won’t let me out of her sight. At least my sister isn’t doing anything to stop me. Although she isn’t doing anything to help me she’s not trying to stop me. I’m not sure who knows outside of my household though. My mom might have told my friends parents and then they might have told my friends. Who knows. I wish I did. So I’m planning just to find my backpack, find the bare minimum of what I need and put it in a smaller bag and just book it. But I can’t find my backpack. I think it’s in my parents closet but the door is really loud so my mom would know if I went in there. I can’t even call the runaway safe line. My mom would go nuts if she found out I called them. So please, if anyone knows how I can get myself out of this situation, please tell me. I’m between a rock and a hard place here and I can’t do this alone. So please if anyone can help me or even just provide me with a plan or some advice, please do. Thank you.



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