SO it has been quite awhile since I have been on here. I guess I will fill everyone in on what has been going on since you all last heard from me. Well, I left David first of all. I was planning on doing it gradually, but one night he was being a total jackass so I finally just told him we were done. I feel bad that I did it through a text message, and I said some pretty hurtful things, but it had to be done. We both treated each other terribly for about a week and said some things we both didn’t mean. But we have moved past that and agreed to try a long distance friendship. It isn’t really long distance bc I am at my moms which is only a mile away and we will still see each other for a few minutes a couple times a week just to get our mail and stuff. But I told him we can email and text message once in awhile and everntually we will get to actually seeing each other. Only as friends though. We cannot have a relationship for a very long time, we both have things to work out. I went to the doctor and have been on new meds the past few days. He gave me Lunesta for sleep, which works really well but makes my mouth taste like rust really freakin bad. Its disgusting. but it gives me amazing sleep and isn’t hard to wake up from. He also gave me another med for depression and anxiety but I don’t know what the name of it is. All it says on the box is the medical name which is like venlafexamine or somethin like that. So far it isn’t doing a whole lot but it has only been a couple days. Me and krisy are doing well and haven’t been fighting. My mom and aaron are treating me like crap already but I expected that of course. As for the dating scene, I am kind of seeing someone. His name is Alexx and he lives across the parking lot from David with an ex boyfriend of mine who I am still friends with. We are not dating, just seeing each other. But he is very nice, he is a huge stoner (he doesn’t smoke currently though bc hes on probation) he loves all the same music as i do and he jokes around a lot. He just got out of a two year relationship a couple months ago so we are both taking things very slowly bc neither of us want to rush into anything or be rebounds for the other. But when I am with him I don’t have to worry about anything. We basically just sit and joke around and have fun. its really nice not having all the stress of a super serious relationship. I think that is everything new I’m going through right now, it looks as though things may finally be getting better 🙂


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