Well another follow up to my introduction blog. I hope nobody thinks Im trying to give advice, because Im not.   Actually, I want to thank all of you who have responded to my blogs. A lot of what I write about, I have told other people, but for the most part it’s kept kind of secret or the person I tell it too it holds no meaning for. If I was to get into car crash or something tomorrow, and one person is changed by my words after I am gone, how cool is that? 

So education, you think you can’t do it? Well I know for a fact that’s not true. Get your butt in school if you want to go! So anyway, I will tell you my situation. 
When I was in college, I had HIV. I think. I just did not know it. Not knowing helped me concentrate for sure but many of you know that whole overwhelming fear of the future goes away after about a year or so. Think of it this way, you (we) are kind of like initiated into a secret society where you have to come to grip with your own mortality. Wait, let me rephrase that. In secret societies, you experience a death experience, but you know that it is a trial, fake. At the end it was just a test. You, however, have experienced a REAL initiation. Real honest to goodness confrontation with your mortality. You got past waking up in a cold sweat or having those stomach pains of fear that sneak up on you at the worst time. Sudden streams of tears that just seem to start up while you are driving and have time to just think. They fade. Your brain rewires itself to rid these unhealthy things from your life. You are, well, a warrior of sorts. You have been baptized by fire. 
So what’s so hard about school or college really? Nothing compared to what you have already survived! If you go, just know that there will be that one teacher. The one that tries to get you to quit. He or she will test your resolve but these teachers are always there. They have their purpose. They weed out the week minded. But do you really think you are weak minded? Give me a fu@kn break! You can do it. Just do it! 
So I graduated before I knew. Yes that’s true. But I did return to Masters School and obtained a professional license in my field. That test was harder than any in school was!   Also, I have met HIV positive women who have finished nursing school and make more money than me! So enjoy your time at school! Have fun, think young! Think smart, be smart! 
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  1. Rexmundi2009 12 years ago

    Thanks everyone for your comments.  I wanted to add one last quote to this blog. 

    "Live like you are going to die tomorrow; learn like you are going to live forever". – Albert Einstein (also quoated by Ghandi)

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