Chapter 5: The splash felt around the world


In the first years of dedicating my life to ministering to the unsaved, I enjoyed the excitement of the chase as I sought out the unsaved to evangelize and tried to convince them to come into the body of Christ. I enjoyed the challenge of trying to save those who had become lost in the murky waters of sin. I experienced many great successes. However, I have also experienced many scathing defeats. Nevertheless, during the thirty-three short years of my memorable ministry, I have come to learn one valuable lesson.


Although, our Lord and Savior call us to be fisher of men, this is far from an easy calling. It is filled with the struggle of witnessing to people. Some of them do truly desire salvation. Nevertheless, there are those like Big Old Joe that would rather stay hidden by the veiled murky waters of sin. As we try our best to convince them to come out of their sin and find safety in the body of Christ, they often fight and resist our best efforts. They fight and resist because their life of sin has became a safe haven for them. It is the only thing that they know. It has become a place for them to run and hide from the troubles and cares of the world.


I have come to realize that sometimes as we struggle to evangelize the unsaved, they continue their fight not to be saved. We often find ourselves spending many irreplaceable and valuable hours fighting a helpless cause. All of our pleas go unheard and the well-meant convincing words fall upon deaf ears. This is when we must realize the error of casting our precious pearls before the swine. There is wisdom hidden in the parable Jesus told in Matthew 7:6. "Do not give dogs what is sacred; do not throw your pearls to pigs. If you do, they may trample them under their feet, and then turn and tear you to pieces."


Nevertheless, we unwisely spend energy, time, and money trying to catch the chief of sinners, Big Old Joe. They are the life long sinners that continues to fall back into their sin regardless how much you council them. They are the hopeless masses that in spite of the convincing appeals refuse to change their ways. Often, the best thing that we can do is to just cut the line and let the unrepentant sinner go. The reason for this revelation is during the fight to save those that do not want to be saved we lose valuable time and exhaust precious resources. These irreplaceable pearls could have been cast somewhere they might have done some good.


Though my constant study of the word of God, I have discovered that God to will sometime cut the line and let us go our separate ways. It is not that God desires to see us destroyed and sentenced to death because of our sins. He truly desires to see everyone saved. However, as time passes, we continue to struggle against the evident call to repentance. God cuts the line and turns us over to a reprobate mind. This is the fate facing most in our country and world today. God has sent many powerful messages to the masses that our walk is wrong. Our economy is quickly sinking and our nation is going broke. However, we still chase after the sins of greed, power and idol worship that have gotten us into this predicament.


As the time quickly passed, our nation plunged deep into the despairs of the current global economic catastrophe. However, the call of God goes forth for us to repent. The voice crying out in the wilderness slowly drifts upon us. He loudly proclaims, "Repent for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand.” However, caught up in the struggle and the fight to survive, we continue to be overtaken with greed, lust, and sin. God advises us to cut the line to our sins. If we do not heed his call, we will be thrown into the lake of fire or the second death. Nevertheless, this divine call continues to go unheard. The unheeded call of God proclaims, “Child of God, cut the line before your sins drag you in. Repent, Repent for the kingdom of God is at hand.”


However, we continued to ignore the call and God’s plea fall on our deaf ear. We continued our struggle trying our best to reel in the great American Dream. Then suddenly, the stock market crashed creating the splash felt around the world. As now as we face the uncertain future that lies ahead, let us finally heed the call of God. At this important time in the history of our country, we need to cut the line that attaches us to our sins. We need to cut the line that connects us to our greed and stop worshiping the creature before we worship the creator. Regardless of what we believe, there is a reality we must to understand. This reality is the Great American Dream will never be caught. When we chase after this capitalistic fish, we are actually chasing after something never meant for the child of God to reel in. If we do not cut the line, the Great American Dream will pull us down into the depths of sin.



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