I see a lot of you asking questions. which is very good. I have been without my computer since November. I was the top blogger for months. I have my computer back and I am 122 days short of 25 years clean. First get your ass to a meeting. hang around clean and sober people. do not isolate. Isolation in an addicts worst night mare. Find new friends n the meetings, see who you can hang out with. Eventually you'll find the right sponsor. this person will be your best friend in Recovery. I also need to mention i used for 22 years so I am not a younger person. This year I will be 60. I have over 350 blogs on my page filled with suggestions. If you want to read my story go to jjrocksarizona. whatever you do don't Use it is not an option, being miserable is not an option today. yes sometimes i get lazy and get "oldtimersitus". i get lazy and for get to drag my ass to a meeting once in a while. I have a Recovery page on FB called JJ's Recovery rants. you are invited to join. we have over 350 members with a combined clean time of over a 1000 years. I am playing the guitar better than i have in the 47 years i have been playing it. I moved to Hawaii in Dec. of 2012. my wife got a job offer she could not turn down so we packed our crap in Arizona and we now live in Waipahu on Oahu. It has not been an easy transition. still working our way to where we were a few years ago. but God had been there for the entire time with us and I know it's my higher power that has gotten us to where we are. please remember that Recovery is a Journey not a Destination and use the rest stops God provides along the way. so from this old guitar playing beach Bum, Hugs and Aloha. if you want to be friends that's cool. please try to read some of my blogs if you can. you might find some answers your looking for. I do not have all the answers and sometimes i do not even know what the question was. but we can do it together one step at a time. thanks for dropping by. my name is JJ and I am an addict.


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