So I guess I'll give you guys an update from last time. So after visiting my lovely lady,(yay..) I came back trapped in a metal tube for 8 hours on a bus with parents holding small children… Children should not be told to sit still for 8 hours… that's…. just evil and it tortures the child which then screams and carries on and totures the rest of us. So studying on that bus was out of the question. 1 of the passengers clearly was having too much of a bad time and got rowdy and started yelling at parents to control their children, which I don't blame him because long bloody trip and crying and screaming and generally loud noises that you cant walk away from. But at the same time… So after having the bus driver, who is like 70 get punched in the face, i kinda just stood up but that old man kicked the crap out of that guy. Moral of the story, don't mess with old people. So waiting an hour for cops to show up was a hassel and then another hour stuck in traffic, the 8 hour drive became quite a lot longer.
nCame back and had a panic attack, the whole shabang of sweating, shaking, and just general freaking out. I walked into an exam and failed it because that panic attack would not let up. I blame the french… but regardless the week just kind of went down hill from there. I finished meeting the quota at work and freed myself up for the rest of the month in terms of getting the group project done. I am an accountant for a small group that is a subbranch of a much larger company and we had just finalized a project and expenditures by filling out the budget the company had given our group to do a job. Long story short, we done did the thing we were told to do with money we were told to use. Now this normally would be a fantastic thing, but my supervisor (who is more like a co-worker with a little extra power) went to the company executives, and attempted to use that money for the last bit of the project for something else…. without informing anyone at the firm. I brought it up with the rest of the groupand the response was, a temper tantrum which then lead to her screaming I quit. Now, I have to clean the mess she just made on top of all of the paperwork she had to do, and all of the crap she hadnt done yet to fucking pile up on my desk now because everyone else mysteriously vanished. I'm just glad the interns were there to help out or I would have set the building on fire.
nSo I settled the budget problem, I confirmed our continued corperate cooperation with the larger company and that there was space for us in their company. But now I got my finals coming up, on top of at least one month's worth of paper work that has to be done in the next week and a half. I don't honestly know how the hell I'm going to do this and at this point, I don't think I can.. That is the part giving me the hebe jebes and stressing me the hell out. Wednesday I have a meeting with the board and I really…really don't know what I'm going to say.



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