Have you ever wondered where exactly you fit into this weird/mad science experiment called life. I've been sitting up thinking aout that subject for quite some time and I've yet to formulate an answer that feels satisfying enough for me to attach an emotion to it yet. I know I'm not a nobody, yet I don't feel like I'm somebody either. To others, perhaps I'm a son, a friend, or a lover and to others I suppose that should be enough that I'm aware of this fact… However, what matters most at the end of the day is how you view yourself. I believe that's what bothers me so much, I'm in this odd nexus of sorts and no amount of brain power that I'm commiting to resolving this issue is returning any viable solution that I can say is what defines me. I don't know who I really am is the main thing I'm trying to express here I guess, though not in the I've lost my memory sense. It's more like I don't believe I feel any strong feelings about myself. Is this what it is to have a crisis of identity? Not sure. But I do know that something feels off.


I care for all of my frieds and loved ones, they haven't left what most people refer to as their heart. Can anyone explain what this is? It doesn't feel right, then again it doesn't feel entirely wrong either. Am I taking myself too seriously? Or do I not unerstand enough about what it is that motivates me to actually figure it out on my own. The best thought that's come acorss my mind is that a massive change is approaching and I'm in some weird transitional period. Even then that feels rather forced.


So I'll leave this qustion to you my fellow tribers. Do you know who you are?


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