I want to thank everyone today for giving me back my smile. When I found this site this morning I was really scared, alone, and not real sure what was going to happen in my life. I felt like my life was in the crapper. No more good life, no more great smiles, and happiness was a thing of the past. It took all you wondeful people half the day to show me how wrong I was. Each one of you kind sweet people lifted my heart so high I had to make sure this was not a dream. Your time, your words, your pretty cards, and caring hearts made my scary test results not so scary anymore. God sent me to you all, he knew I was going to be well taken care of and never feel alone again. Your all Gods wonderful children and the best gift he has ever given me except for my children!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Thank you for letting me see there is a possitive to a negative. I didn\'t believe there could be good from something not so good. Wonders never stop amazing me. I hope I can help you all when it\'s needed." Life is fine, fine as wine" part of a poem by Langston Huges. I will keep you all in my prayers forever. Now for fun, How do I make my home page look as good as some of yours? How do I send pretty nice cards of thanks? I am not all that computer smart I can do simple taskes so if you want to explain how to do new stuff pretend I\'m a little kid and do the directions like you would a small not real bright child. lol A happy day to all and many more to come for everyone………peace

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  1. damitjanet 13 years ago

    This site has added something positive to my life also. It’s been great having people to connect with in the same situation. And the best way to fix your page is to grab a teenager and make them do it for you. Just joking,but truthfully I wouldn’t know how to walk someone through it online.

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