Good mornin Tribers … hope e1 had a good nites rest … mine was ok …

I'm feeling a lil empty this mornin … I am really missing my son Matthew … he's been at boot camp for 10 weeks now … of my 2 kids, Matt and I are the closest. He was born early, and I've always used a lil extra caution with him. I guess I am realizing that we can only protect them for so long, then we have to trust God to take them the rest of the way. Which I do …

Dont get me wrong, I love both my kids more than words could ever say, but James was "grown" from the minute he was born …and he's always been some what of a Daddy's boy … he's always been the tough one. When I got so sick 13 yrs ago, he became Mom to Matt … and did a fantastic job helping me … now he lives in Michigan and is doin great. I never worried over him the way I have over Matt … I have always known that James would do great no matter what.

And Matt is a strong young man too. He has always done good, made friends very easily. But, I think that knowing he is now in the Military, has a lot to do with the way I'm feeling.

Yes I love my country and I am so thankful that I live in a free society. But I am not willing to give my son for it. Thats just the way I feel.

I ask that all of u pray for his safety on this journey he has choosen.

He graduates June 29th … comes home for 24 days, then off to Infinitry School. From there, he goes for some other training, after that who knows.

Thank u all in advance. I'm off to church, but will ck in on everyone later this afternoon.

Love, prayer and blessings for all …


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  1. crysrb 9 years ago

    prayers your way. My only little one leaves Saturday for 9 weeks and I already miss her just thinking about it

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