Everyday is an uphill battle, a further climb, a journey to a destination that seems so far. Everyday I feel as if i’m insignificant or that I mean very little to everyone around me. I feel small, I feel worthless, I feel helpless. I am trying to overcome everyday but triumph is exhausting. The process of trying to be triumphant is draining. Everyday I ponder how long I will last here, and if I will be missed when I go. Everyday, I battle myself about emotions and thoughts I wish I didn’t have. I wish someone could rescue me, everyday. Everyday I’m on the verge of tears because I feel so alone, because I feel so distant. Everyday is tougher than the last, and God only knows how much I can keep taking. Everyday I am in constant thought about my sanity. Am I crazy? Do I exist? Am I normal? I just hope one day I can change those questions to affirmations. That I am not crazy and I am very normal. That I love endlessly and I want to feel love in the same way. That I am stronger than I could have ever perceived. And that everyday, I am drawing closer and closer to myself.

  1. gphonse357 12 months ago

    You’re not alone. I’m going through something too. Tell me what your typical day is like, and maybe i can give you some tips, on how you can keep on improving on it.

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    • Author
      jomotayo 12 months ago

      Thank you so much for this! A typical day of mine looks like me getting up at 5:30 AM to pray, getting up and ready for work, coming back from work at 6 and trying to get myself ready for the night.

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