Surviving Slumps

     A slump can go on for days.  We feel sluggish, unfocused, and sometimes overwhelmed with feelings we can't sort out.  We may not understand what is going on with us.  Even our attempts to practice recovery behaviors may not appear to work.  We still don't feel emotionally, mentally, and spiritually as good as we would like.
In a slump, we may find ourselves reverting instinctively to old patterns of thinking, feeling, and behaving, even when we know better.  We may find ourselves obsessing, even when we know that what we're doing is obsessing and that it doesn't work.
We may find ourselves looking frantically for other people to make us feel better, the whole time knowing our happiness and well-being doesn't not lay with others.
We may begin taking things personally that are not our issues, and reacting in ways we've learned all too well do not work.
We don't have to be ashamed, no matter how long we've been recovering.  We don't have to unreasonably expect "more" from ourselves.  We don't ever have to expect ourselves to live life perfectly.
Get through the slump.  It will end.  Sometimes, a slump can go on for days and then, in the course of an hour, we see ourselves pull out of it and feel better.  Sometimes it can last a little longer.
Practice one recovery behavior in one small area, and begin to climb uphill.  Soon, the slump will disappear.  We can never judge where we will be tomorrow by where we are today.

Today, I will focus on practicing one recovery behavior on one of my issues, trusting that this practice will move me forward.  I will remember that acceptance, gratitude, and detachment are a good place to begin.


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