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Basics: Name: Hayden Allister Guerry

DOB: 12/4/89

 Birthplace: Portland, Oregon

Current location: Tucson, Arizona USA

 Eye color: Brown

Hair Color: Black

Height: 6'3

 Heritage: Dutch/Spanish

 Piercings:Lip (but it has closed)

 Tattoos: yes (on left hand)

 Favorite: Band/Singer: Radiohead, Interpol, Death From Above 1979, JUSTICE, The Kills

Song: Daft Punk – Mothership Reconnetion

Genre of Music: House, Electronica, Progressive, Indie

Color(s): White, Red, Silver

TV show(s): Futurama, While You Were Out, Ghost Hunters, Ace Of Cakes, Colbert Report, Smash Lab, The Universe, Band Of Brothers

 Movie(s): Serpendepity, Almost Famous, Royal Tenenbaums, Fifty Pills, Rolling Kansas

Food: Vegetarian Low-Mein From Mayflower, Gardetto's Snack Mix, Cheese Cake

Store: Circle K (for cigarettes and ICEE), Trader Joes, Zia Record Exchange

#: 2 Drink: Ginger Ale, Thunderbird (cheap bum wine), Capri Sun

Clothing Brand: A.P.C.

Shoe Brand: Black & Grey Checkered Slip On VANS

Animal: I love all animals

Pizza topping: Extra Cheese Season:

Winter Month: December

 Holiday: Christmas

Flower: Tulip

Sunny or rainy: Rainy ( I like the way it smells after it rains)

 Chocolate or vanilla: Vanilla

Fruit or veggie: Fruit

Night or day: Night

 Sour or sweet: Sour

 Love or money: Definitely love

Phone or in person: In Person

Poor & happy or rich & miserable: Poor & Happy

 Looks or personality: Personality

Coffee or tea: TEA

Hot or cold: HOT

Your: Goal for this year: not to go to jail or die

Most missed memory: ex-girlfriends

Best physical feature: dont have one

 First thought waking up: "ugh fuck"

Do you wanna get married: maybe

Do you wanna have kids: sure

If so, how many: 1 or 2

Do you wanna go to college: in college

now What do you want to be: who knows

Do You: Dance in the rain: i dance everywhere

Smoke: YES

 Drink: YES, cheap wine and Tequila

Shower daily: YES

 Like thunderstorms: oh yeah

 Curse: yes

Sing: karaoke!!!

 Play an instrument: piano

Think you are good looking: i dont know

Get along with your parents: mom yes, dad NO!!!!

Can you whistle: No

Right or left handed: Right

Your bedtime: whenever I want

Biggest fear: Heights

 3 things you can't live without: MUSIC, Cigarettes, Friends

 Color of your room: Red, Yellow, Orange, Pink, Purpal and White

 Siblings: 2 brothers and 1 sister

Middle name: Allister

Pets: a few cats and 1 dog

 Nicknames: H.

For or against gay marriage: FOR GAY MARRIAGE

If you could be anywhere right now where would you be: far from here

Do you wear contacts/glasses: BOTH

Are you afraid of the dark: NO

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