Today is one of those opportunities for me to step back and appreciate how amazing my life has become. It has always astonished me how quickly we can rebound from the depth of our addictions when we diligently work steps, trust our higher power, and work hard to succeed. Just a small fraction of the energy used to keep us loaded will give us a great life when we put that energy toward positive endeavors.

In a few hours I will be boarding a plane, destination…Greece. When I was loaded, I was terrified to be more than an hour from home, in case I started getting dope sick. My adventure tomorrow will involve about 22hrs of travel time, a lot further than my previous 1hr limit. My only fear is the plane flight without my last vice… my beloved nicotine. My Greek is sketchy at best so I don't know if a meeting there will be possible, but I am going with people who support and fight for my sobriety.

This is one of those times in life that I step back and marvel at what my life has become. I got to marry the neatest man I know (who also happens to be hot as hell! Smile), I have a great job, the world's cutest pets, and a great (if crazy) family. And every single thing can be attributed to the fact that I'm sober and working a program. I never forget that all this could be gone with a single drink.

So as I head off on this new adventure, my gratitude for the program is at it's peak, because I realize without my sobriety, none of this is possible.


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