I wrote this in response to Julia's blog earlier. I am reposting it because I believe that the future of funding for HIV/AIDS is up to us; Unfortunately, it is ultimately ALL of OUR own damn fault. Years ago we were all just happy to be physically alive and doing the best we could. When we went to support groups it didn't matter whether anyone was straight, gay, trans, woman male etc – we just went. Somewhere it seems everything got fractured. It didn't matter if you were HIV+  since you were already counted. Tons of new money went to NMAC (Natl Minority AIDS Council) in the past 5 years because they were the biggest rising percentage even though the actual number of new infections was less than 20% overall. Before that; the big money maker was the over 50 population because they were having unprotected sex, and before that you were guaranteed money if you were an ex IV drug user or had been incarcerated. Gone are the days of support groups and funding to help everyone that is positive. Even now funding is a very tricky thing and there are waiting lists for help everywhere. It seems when we all, as a group of HIV+ people can't stand together in solidarity. Our perception is jaded by mainstream society – many people believe that there is a cure thanks to Magic Johnson or that it is still strictly a "gay" disease. I tried helping after starting and running a 501 (c) (3) that specialized in HIV/AIDS for many years; we had so much trouble getting people OUT OF THEIR HOUSE for groups and events it would drive you nuts. Or to even get them to "sign up" so we could account for them and seek grant funding – many said they would sign up when they needed it…… Well guess what – I had read that 45% of ASO's in the US have changed  to other services or are closed now due to a lack of grants. Respectively, HIV/AIDS funding is at an all time low and it seems that whenever Ryan White comes up for renewal lately it barely passes. One day in the future….very soon I suspect. (Probably in 2014 if the Healthcare Bill stays inacted through then).  There will be NO more funding or very little funding for HIV/AIDS. Especially the perks that many take advantage of like section 8 housing or non HIV medications  being paid for with public money and many people will have to get back out into the workforce. So when it happens I don't want to hear any complaining – especially from all of those out there that do nothing to help the HIV/AIDS community, or even bother to go to their local ASO and sign up so that they can at least get funding. One day it will be needed and there won't be anything out there for those that said they would "do it later".

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