I have been for an unknown reason remonicing about how I grew up with a dad who did his best to raise me. It wasn't all good but sure not all bad. I think maybe what started this was reading the guys blog the other night on how horrific his childhood was. The only good out of that is when we are doing the time we really don't always know it could be different. Atleast in my life anyway. My dad was on disability due to a work accident and I remember from very young age he would do odd jobs or stuff on his own that I often helped at such as fruit stands and fleamarket stands. These are good memories cause I met lots and new a lot of people in our circle. PLUS I learn a lot about survivle myself. I had to work, deal with people, and etx.

The second part of my child hood memories is we moved alot..almost like in the movies..I lived in several states, and several places in those states. The honest part of this is I have a real ease in my todays life of just packing up and seeing where the road takes me. Its hard for me to think long term llike living on a farm all my life.

To end this long post I want to write why I wrote it in the first place. I am raising a great nephew going on 4yrs now and want to go for adoption, I realise its going to take me a yr to get finances in order and better home of my own etc. But in the middle of all this I am really wanting to do a road trip with Little B of camping and fishing etc. I have to really think about this cause it would be a summer of just him and I like it would have been with me and my dad. I want him to be free and well rounded but a little more square then I am wouldnt hurt him.


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