The bubbles popped,

All hell breaks loose,

You get the rope,

I’ll tie the noose,

Plz someone Get the pills,

So I can’t feel,

all of the things that are frightfully real,

I bite my tongue and hold my breath,

Let it bleed out till there’s nothing left,

When you say jump,

I ask how high,

You say to the sun,

then I burn up and die,

But when I come back I start to cry,

But never once do I ask why,

You say take the knife and slit your wrist,

You say this with ease by being a bitch,

But I never tell you then you’d get the switch,

So bring me some liquor I’m feeling ill,

I don’t want to see what is real,

give me some acid and let me trip,

I’ve watched my world fall, crumble, and dip,

Give me a song in which to sing,

I give you depression in which I bring,

I’d like to be ur little sunshine,

but honestly, how can I when u all want me to die,

You took the pin and went pop pop,

You kept on stabbing and didn’t stop,

Now the darkness I held inside,

The bubble you pop I can not lie,

the rays I shone from the bubble,

a rainbow appeared and I made it double,

Now you popped my safety zone,

The darkness spreads across the globe,

I want to be kind but the jig is up,

Sorry but I’m kinda stuck,

Like a shadow consuming the sun,

The darkness inside me has came…

And won.


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