1.  Masks bring out peoples eyes
  2. cloth masks come in fun patterns and colors
  3. Covid reality is an excuse to not invite others to your home  / or letting people come inside if they stop by loving this! 🏡  💜
  4. some people enjoy making cloth masks and are earning money from their hobby
  5. masks block peoples bad breath from being shared as much
  6. for acne prone people/ masks hide acne scars and current break outs
  7. for people who don’t like their smile / teeth / chin  cloth masks hide their insecurity triggering traits
  8. mask wearing attitudes reveals a lot about people positive and negative
  9. it is fun collecting masks to match what you wear day to day
  10. Covid reality reveals peoples personalities on a real level.   It has created friendships and ended two friendships for me.   Such as life.   People come and go

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