Well I went to the dentist a week ago and I had to get a tooth pulled it was my first time seeing a doctor after I found out my status, I was freaking out a lil and willing to run out of there and just deal with the pain I was going through. But I filled out the papers that I had to and the only part I didn't want to deal with was the one where I had to tell if I had any kind of illness or anything, I knew I had to circle that I have HIV and I started to freak a little. But I didi it anyway and when it was time to see the doctor or dentist he asked me about it I wanted to cry I really don't like talking about it and I didn't want him to speak on it but he brought it up and I guess I had to talk about it and so I did he was really just telling me that I need to be more careful and stuff like that and was really just being a friend to me about no different reaction no nothing he was real coo. I liked that and I'm going back to him again…lol.

On another note I finally got to see and talk with a case worker about getting help with my HIV she was real sweet and open minded about everything and told me to call her whenever I needed to talk or anything it was a real relife to me the last case worker I had was a total bitch but the new lady is a saint…lol…she even gave me condoms and lube as a parting gift…we both laughed so things are looking up for me I just needed to look and keep the faith that things would happen.


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