Well this is more of a comment, but kinda of a question.

Well here it is.  When I was at clinic yesterday the two guys on the other side of me were talking about there livers.  I asked if they had hepatist, they repled yes.  I said I have hep C also.   Latter I mentioned that how hep C and HIV can go hand and hand together.  But how not everyone with hep C has HIV but alot of them so.   Now I was talking to one of my other friends who is so paronid about everything.   That he yelled at me and figured that I had no busines talking to those guys.  I told him I wasn't breaking any privacy issues as no ones information was revealed unless they wanted to say something, but I wanted to say Im HIV that was my business.  As I don't care who knows Im HIV.  My friend  Mike is weird he is just paronid of how people will treat him and also being gay.  I tell him he needs to get out more and get a volunteer job to socialize with people.  He makes up excuses of why he can't do as he just figured people will automatically know he has AIDS and is gay.  I told him your not carrying a sign on your head so get over your self.

Mike says, he feels I should keep my mouth shut when I go to clinic and Im in waiting room.  I told him I m a friendly person and enjoy talking to people and  dont care what you think as I do thinks to make me happy and Im not hurting you or anyone else.

  1. sweetsteph 14 years ago

    yea somepeoplejust freek out ,i'm not ashamed to tell people i have hiv/hepc

    i am very outspoken also

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  2. NC_LOVE 14 years ago

    I totally agree with you! I am not ashamed of who I am now or what I have to deal with. I don't go around telling the world but if I am in a place where I feel comfortable, even if it's with strangers, I don't mind talking about my issue. I support you for being open about things. Take care. ~Nate

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