So as you all know I was participating in the Paul Hulse Pos Peds ride last weekend…I was nervous obviously because of my fear of hills and well my experience with the sun lately…but all in all it was a great and sometimes challenging ride…I met some amazing new people…doreen, eric and a james…We started off nice and early with a 5:30am pick up because the ride was out in the boons near magic mountain…I met up with Ratesh, Vincent and my Wednesday buddy Mark around 8am and everyone registered and we all rode out around 8:30!! everyone was awake and full of energy to start it was pretty windy and we all flew past the first 10 miles or so at a good speed with no problems..I even did the slight inclines with no difficulties..yeah me!! im almost pro at them..well not pro but give me a granny gear and some bucket things for my pedals and ill be on my way! (my next fear to conquer is clipping in and out!)..Our first stop was at a train station out in the middle of nowhere…and our next stop was at a bike shop in a local town…now here is a great story for you!!

getting out of the rest stop we were instructed to walk our bikes to the traffic light to cross the street because of heavy traffic…so vince, ratesh and I set out on foot  to the stop light..we were walking along the sidewalk and we passed a man telling us to watch out for the bees…we figured ok theres some bees around some food or in the tree or we kept walking…next thing I know I'm walking ahead of the guys with my bike and im looking back talking to them and im surrounded by hundreds of bees!! there were two hives on the sidewalk and there were bees covering two full squares of it!!! i stepped right onto the cusp of the mothers' dens!! my first instinct was DON'T MOVE!! and then I saw them all flying around me and landing on me and I have the hugest fear of bees and flying insects like beyond ridiculous fear…my next image in my head was of the scene from my girl when the kid is covered in bees and hes all flailing his arms and stuff!! So i started to do that and they started getting mad and more and more came..I was thinking in my head I was getting all these stings but I just cant feel them from shock or something..I dropped my bike ran out flailing and screaming and shaking and the guys tried to calm me down!  I didn't have a single sting..not one!! jesus loves us people…living proof right here..happens in threes right!! my wheel falls off could be worse but  it wasnt…dehydrated coulda been worse but it wasnt..step into a bee hive not one sting!! wooo weee..

soo Vince braves the hive, walks in grabs my bike and walks it across on the road…he then comes back to get me and covers me as we walk past a few straying bees on the other side of the sidewalk..the guys do a bee know check my bike, my clothes, my hair for any "stuck" bees and we set off…yes I am still afraid of bees haha…everything is goood we do some more climbs and we finally reach ventura beach for lunch..its freezing cold by the water may I add..we eat fast and head out cough from my bronchitis is getting the best of me and its pretty bad now…so I slow my pace and the guys go ahead and im trailing behind when Doreen my new friend comes along side me and rides with me a few miles..we both agree its best I dont continue becuase my cough  is really acting up due to the wind in my face and such…so at mile 78 I sag in :(…I couldve finished the century but at a very slow pace to relax my coughing fits and its best I bailed when I did cuase I went home with a slight fever wich went away the next day…

lucky me at the rest stop I was brought to I was able to see the historic train that comes in a few times a day for tourist tours..I got a few pics of it and brian was there with a flat tire that wouldnt fix…sooo we sagged the rest of the day together…overall it was a great ride and my training is coming along conquering those hills like no tomorrow…and im ready for the event..bring it on!!



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