You don't know our birthdays or ages.You don't know any of our likes or dislikes.You don't let us hang out with non-Asians or friends of the opposite gender,no sleep overs and rarely let them visit us.You never helped us with anything school related.You never talked to us about how to make friends,stand up to bullies,sexual predators,puberty,sex,drugs or alcohol.You never hug us,comfort us,encourage us or compliment us.You never took us on a real vacation (just us) you invited people we hated.You never spend quality time with us.You wake up early,go somewhere and leave us alone or with an irresponsible relative.You'd rather watch Thai dramas,Thai/Lao News,work in your huge garden,talk on the phone,have dinner parties,go shopping,visit your relatives or Laotian friends than be around us.You literally never talk to me unless it's to give me a chore.You belittle us because we were born in America and can't speak Lao fluenty.I have never seen or heard of a Lao foreign language class,a detailed,accurate "How to speak Lao" book,audio cd/DVD or met a Laotian translator.You may have given up on learning English but I will never give up on learning how to speak Lao.You never listen,if you did you'd know we've been bullied,I've been sexually harassed and every one of us has endured emotional and physical abuse from someone in the family.You never stand up for us when we need you."I'm big,you're small,I'm right,you're wrong and there is nothing you can do about it!" I tell my cousins "Treat others the same EXACT way you'd want to be treated!"If you see us cry you yell at us to stop embarrassing you rather than ask us what's wrong."Only babies cry,you should be ashamed!"You don't care when we get certificates,trophies,medals,ribbons or a high school diploma.You made a joke when I failed sixth grade,"Are you going to fail again!?"You don't buy your children clothes even though they're going through puberty,but you let your "wife" have a closet full and she is a stay-at-home mom who can't speak English to save a life.You are too lazy to take your children to after school activities like band or tutoring,they need help and deserve to enjoy their youth!You look down on us because we are young,but all of you have little to no education at best an elementary schooler's education.You tell us we are stupid and will never be anything.We will always have the advantage,you know it and hate it.You make racist comments about everyone ,even your children who are mixed.The "N" word is popular,you let others talk about your children even going as far as to tell them "You don't count as his children because you're "white"!"(His Laotian wife)You always compare us to someone our age that we don't like."That person gets up early to cook,can speak Lao fluently,has all A's,in college, has a job that makes this amount of money.I am not their clone,I am ME.You use us because we can speak English fluently but insult us because we may not understand certain things.None of us live on our own and you think regular doctor/dentist visits are a waste of time,so how would we know?Knowing how to speak English doesn't give us magic powers.You give into peer pressure,because the Thai/Lao news said something is "good for you",because the people you THINK are your friends do it,because the monks told you to,because a relative told you to.You are more gullible than a child.You think Laotians are perfect,and everyone else is a bad influence on us.Why are there people coming to America if Laos is SO damn perfect!?You judge us on our appearance,you ALWAYS have something negative to say.You called me "skinny bones,dried shrimp,flat board,Gumby,now that I gained weight you call me "fluffy,fat girl,thunder thighs,you make fun of my cousins because they're going through puberty,acne,big growth spurt so they're skinny,ugly because they're mixed and look like their mother,you called my brother big when he's tall,and fat when he's muscular,at least he doesn't look pregnant like YOU,you are narcissistic,you think you are a manly,powerful king or Adonis.(He actually says that!)You use profanity in the presence of children,ever heard a 2 year old say f*ck you?You never admit you're wrong and never apologize.You snort,cough up phlegm,blow snot rockets,pick your nose,teeth, scratch your crotch or ass,belch out loud,fart near people IN PUBLIC.You are disgusting and have NO manners.You cuss out,spank,choke,slap,punch,chokehold,wrestle with your children without telling them what they did wrong and unfairly punish them.I would never strike a child,I want them to love me not fear and hate me.You are too proud and impatient to try a nonviolent method of discipline.You don't wear your seat belt,you drive while buzzed or drunk,you drive like a NASCAR driver,you drive too close to other cars,drive with an overcrowded car.You are a danger to all living creatures.You eat unhealthy foods,seizures and strokes don't scare you,you allow your children to eat so much frozen food and sweets,it's terrifying.It's obvious you don't care if they die otherwise you'd change.You make us clean YOUR room,YOUR BATHROOM and wash/fold YOUR clothes including our own and you call US lazy?You let your 2 year old daughter sleep in the same room you f*ck in,now your "wife" is pregnant with your fourth child because your "wife" wants two children to replace your two children from a previous wife and you're the ONLY one working,you're home for TWO days a week now you're about to lose everything because of your lust and greed!You forced me to drive when I was sixteen,you yelled at me the entire time,now you wonder why I refuse to learn with you.You've completely given up on me,rather than find me someone else to teach me.You keep trying to get me to apply for factory jobs without even asking what I want to do.All you care about is money,you never care about what I want.You told us ever since we were little that all Americans are bad,but you also said there are good and bad people of all races.You won't let me date the man I love because of his skin color,you said BECAUSE you KNOW what AMERICANS (Caucasians) are REALLY like,every single one of them will break my heart,you told me "I thought you liked Japanese people,ANY Asian is better than an American,tell him he isn't welcome here,would you be crying if what I said isn't true?"You're a heartless racist,hypocrite,I cried that day because you don't care about my happiness at all,how dare you say that to me and especially when he was there!I will never forgive you.I swore when my cousins were born that I would do my best to accept,love,protect,respect,support and try to understand them because that's what I needed when I was their age, a compassionate,empathetic,responsible adult to guide me.I have to help them because that's what a real family is suppose to do.













































































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