Ok..for the past few months I have been in a bad place..my depression was really getting bad, and my health was not too good either. I have seen new DR, so health is getting addressed…and now I have gotten the "push" to get me out of the "funk" I was in…

Ok..last night I was threatened by my Chef at work! I mean the man burst into front office, and was ready to swing onme right there! Why, might you be asking? Well, the CHEF made an order wrong because the CHEF failed to read the board..and then he goes off on me about it. I walk away from him, and when he sees me speaking to another MANAGER…he burst into office and wants to fight me..over HIS mistake..then he says he heard me say I wanted to pop him…

Anyway..this is bad and good…bad because with all the other crap thats been happening at this job, this just made my EEOC case valid…HWE(Hostile Work Environment), bad also because IF I pursue this as is warrented, then this Chef might be FIRED. It is GOOD because I can resign my position following this due to "feeling threatened at work" as this has now become a Hostile Work Environment for me. I can apply for, and recieve UNEMPLOYMENT..and file my Revised EEOC case…

Here is my dilemma..this Chef is BLACK, and I do not like bring negative things to another Black Man…it may seem silly or irrelevent, but as a Black man myself, it is something I try not to do. Yet I realize I dont OWE this man anything, I really dont KNOW this man other than at work…and from his actions, he has no regard for me…

So I am not FOCUSED on this situation..to the point I feel kinda like my old self..one question fo the Tribe Fam..should I file and resign..or try to make it through the week, as I am leaving on friday to return to FL…Thanks for all input.

  1. ohioborn 12 years ago

    well..to someone, I dont like filing or bringing on problems to anyone, but YES I do feel extra for other "people of color", should it matter? Probably not, but with My own experiencer with racisim and such, I and sensitive to this. and this is NOT an isolated incident, just the most serious..there has been ongoing crap for three months now…just some background filler for "someone'..:)

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  2. ohioborn 12 years ago

    also..as for HWE being a scam…under FEDERAL Law..a Hostile Work Environment is a valid EEOC grounds..as for the unemployment, thats would be due to the constructive dismissal from being threatened with physical harm on job.

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  3. ohioborn 12 years ago

    Hold up..something has been lost in translation here..the incident saturdaywas in no way RACIAL. However, it can be included in my ongoing EEOC complaint already filed against company. I havw stated the race of the other employee because it gave me pause to file a complaint against another Black man..however valid the complaint may be. Thats the ONLY racial aspect of the incident on saturday..and the reference to unemployment..it was something that would also be affected depending on the reason why I resign my position.

    Also, after having this man state to my face how he wanted to hit me in my mouth, and it getting serious enough others intervened…I have to go into work tonight with this man. So I am to be at work, on guard, because I dont know if this man might just haul off and swing on me at any time during my shift?

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  4. ohioborn 12 years ago

    Ok..now I am a bit offended..although folks ARE entitled to their own opinions..its easy to call me a racist when U have no idea of my travels through life. How do you know if MY personal experiences were recial or not? And by the way, the other incident, Bluegreen corp that you mentioned, they settled with me as it WAS discrimination. I do NOT call every little thing racism, BUT IF it looks like a DUCK, walks like a Duck..Im gonna call it a DUCK>

    Once again, the ONLY reason why I hesitated immediately filing complaint against guy WAS because he was another BLACK man working and not out there on the news doing stupid shit..so MY dilemma was whether MY PRIDE was injured to the extenct that I would do what I have EVERY RIGHT to do, or should I just "turn the other cheek" and walk away.

    Folks are too damn quick to pass judgement on a person without getting the FULL picture..just reading a few words on the screen, without knowing the entire circumstances..or even trying to get them….the plain truth is RACISM exists..you ask ANY Black man and he will tell you that he probably has dealt with something that "was funky" at least once during his day…sad but thats reality..and buring heads in sand wont make it go away…that being said, I know there are ignorant folks in EVERY RACE…as well as good folks..my sensitivity over filing complaint against another Black man is based on MY LIFE…that does NOT make me a RACIST…Thank You "hopeful"

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  5. ohioborn 12 years ago

    Hopeful1..I hear you..and YES I did ask for input…sometimes one has 2 hit the PAUSE button and take a deep breath..

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