I'm actually quite sad this morning.  It seems like everytime I turn around someone, usually a pretty long term member, is talking about leaving. I for one couldn't leave this site…I've invested too much time, energy and compassion to just walk away. I may have become more in the background then I used to be but I still feel like this is my home. I still belong here. Things are weird, different, everchanging…But that doesn't mean that AT … the heart and soul that we first knew isn't here. It's still beating. The people who have been here to see the rollercoster ups and downs should know that this site is ever changing and while right now it may not be to your liking…things will cycle again. We've been together through lots. Drama and heartache..But at the end of the day you are all i have to count on to get me through the very rough patches I encounter. And on the same hand I hope that I am someone that you can count on to be a thoughtful mind and helpful ear. All I have is this site. Sad and depressing as that is…I find joy and light in it because its all of YOU that make it worth while. Its knowing that I have some kinderedship with at least SOMEONE. We all make up this community and to abandon it would be thoughtless. Think of when you first joined…remember that first person that extended a thoughtful mind and an open heart. I know you all remember the FIRST person who reached out to you. Remember that you can be that person for someone else. What if the person that first reached out to you wasn't here….where would you have gone, would you have stayed…would u have made the memories and friendships if that person hadn't been there? This site can only be as good as its members and maybe the new and old need to be reminded of that. Remember that its YOUR participation and YOUR experiances that help shape, mold and grow this site. I do NOT want to see this site crumble and fall like other anxiety sites have done. We need to stick together because we are Family. One big dysfunctional, loving family. 

And maybe we need to give thanks to those first members that reached out to you…Maybe we need to spread a little compassion and gratitude for the people who made you feel at home here. If need be I will start.

Thank you to RecycleYourself (Alyssa) for making me feel welcomed and wanted here o so many moons ago. ((hug)) i'm so glad that we've stayed in touch and i've been able to see you grow and mature into a beautiful woman and mother 🙂 

  1. Babpsi 14 years ago

    Amen Sista.  Well said. I know there are some bad seeds out there who may say insensitive things now and then….but that doesn’t even come close to the people who have reached out to me and ask how I am doing just because they care…..I find it comforting to know that I “am not alone” and that I “am not the only one” going thru this rollercoaster of a ride……Thanks to all my peeps on AT~!!


    1LUV Always~!!

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  2. maggie 14 years ago

    Great blog Jade.

    There are many here that have helped through the "bad" days and some without even knowing it. Lindsy and Lisa were the first two that ever reached out to me and for that I will be forever grateful.

    Lots of little things make the difference for me. Just a kind word in chat or a comment on my page that lets me know someone is thinking of me.

    Thank you.

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  3. thelifeofjade 14 years ago

     I haven't seen Turquoise in forever…I hope shes doing well. 

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