Well, here I am again. So many places on the web I could go and do go. However, AT is the one location that I'm all out without secrets. I keep my true identity hidden well because that allows me to be honest with all of you.

After some time, I have found my way back to who I am. As humans, we are constantly evolving and need to keep that in mind. Others might think they know you, but you will always be changing so no one truely knows you unless they keep up with the change. Sometimes, we (ourselves) fail to keep up with how the world is affecting us. This leads to thinking we are or like one thing when in fact we like something else now instead.

I know those of you who have been lost and found yourself will understand this little rambling.

I am me again, and I know who I am

The tough part about being me is…

1. I am honest, honesty doesn't always go well with life. The more easily you can lie and tell people what they want to hear…the farther you get in life. However, I truely am honest which puts me at a disadvantage. I am learning to stretch the truth or leave facts out though, allowing people to incorrectly fill in the blanks. Yes, you just read that. I'm a guy who is so damn honest I just admitted that I mislead for my own benefit. That's the way the world works apparently.

2. There is a monster within me which has specific fetish cravings. I usually keep it locked up because there is simply no one I can trust to let it loose with. I had someone like that but even she wasn't able to give the monster what it really wanted. Such a monster is difficult to contain, the more you try to bury it…the more powerful it becomes.

On the up side though, I have been able to tap into the monster's power and utilize it in everyday life. I can twist reality around me and create mental scenes in which I can allow the monster to play with other people without them knowing what I'm up to. It's kind of fun when it's in full force because the monster can do anything, where I can't because of society's rules.

Well, that's all I came over to say. If you would like to comment, please do so. I'm sure I'll be back here sometime…telling you more things I wouldn't even tell my best friend.


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