woke up this morning, was just going to be lazy! Friend called, and wanted to know directions to my docotors office. She had a appointment, I decided to go with her. Ended up being able to get my flu shot, which I was putting off. and my home group is block away from there, I got out before 11 am, and since I was going to bus it home. ( friend got done way before me). I was trying to decide if I should just go on home because I could not think of anything to do till the noon meeting.But God works in funny ways, I was just about to begin my walk donw hill to downtown when I ( for no known reason) turned to look up the street at the Fellowship Hall, and what do you know, door was open, two cars out front. So, I turned around and went there, funny thing they were in there putting new floor in the kitchen and one guy was working with a sponser. See usually they lock up after each meeting, but hey there they were welcoming all! Went in, began helping round place, wiping tables whatever I could be of use for. I am so glad too, I think I needed to be there today , as they shared about something I was going through in my head. Changing how we think, and the 11th step. Each time I come out of this meeting, I take something with me, and I am beginning to feel it change within me, something , I dont know what, has taken over and It excites me!

So I will keep coming back, and keep saying the serenity prayer daily, when ever whereever I can or need too.

        Tomorrow is a new day! Today was good and I hope tomorrow is even better!

         I am so grateful to be clean and sober today! Kathleen

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  1. RobinB 15 years ago

    its awesome u had a good day. hugs

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