\..My OCD is spiraling right now..earlier I ordered some delivery food from a regional chain I’ve experienced problems with before in terms of service etc..however they of course have the best & healthiest stuff I can get around here so I’ve let some things go in the past..however this time was different..when the delivery person showed up the food was packaged haphazardly *not a first* & when they went 2 hand it 2 me it collapsed resulting in hot fluid items spilling all over the carpeting in front of my door & narrowly escaping getting burned myself..not 2 mention losing some of the food I’d ordered..the person was mildly apologetic which I accepted however when I went 2 call the place back to advise them of what had occurred *nicely* to alleviate future problems I got a standard "oh well" kinda attitude..& hardly a mention of compensation for lost & damaged items..I know I come from a precise exacting field..the discipline of which where if one does not practice extreme attention to detail that persons close to you can be hurt or even killed..& perhaps I expect more than your average person in terms of performance & professionalism..however being in a semi-rural area of the american midwest you would expect more of a "work ethic" & sense of pride & respect for your job & customers..maybe it was just how I was raised or am wired up inside but when someone is "sub-standard" in their approach toward life & others & their own "persona best" it appauls & enrages me..I’m gradually spinning down but for now?? I just really & truly believe that some people are just "taking up space" in this world that could be better utilized by other more sincere types..ok I’ll go back to channeling the nice guy now..thx for reading & have a nice weekend..\

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  1. CarGirl 13 years ago

    Thats just wrong..in that case they dont care about there reputation..which they wont last long that way anyways

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