Althought I don't honestly think this has anything to do with my anxiety, I am fuming and need to let it out. I am a people pleaser, I try and keep people happy and give my all in everything I do. I am somewhat of a perfectionist. My psychology classes have taught me that I am a perfectionist because I didn't have much control of my childhood, so I now I try an excel at everything I have control over.

With that being said as a fast food resturant manager I am responsible for running the store. Today for the first time I met my owner G. I have met G's co-owner P plenty of time, but today was the first time I had met G. Without even an introduction, he began to snap at my employees and I. He complained about the music not bieng loud enough, (I had previously turned it done because I was asked to by a customer, then he yelled because I didn't put the patio furnature out today, (It has been downpooring and storming all day, who really wants to eat outside in that), and then he yelled about a puddle of water in our backroom/ (Our ice machine has been leaking for a week and we are still waiting for the GM to call a plumber!) After putting the fear of god into my employees he cornored me and ther other Manager on Duty and told us we "aren't good at our jobs." He began to yell at us because we are over staffed so our store shouldn't be in such a "disatorous state." Ok I will admit that some points he made were very valid, but his tone was completely uncalled for. The patio furnature and music was completly redicious and to yell at me was wrong. Granted I generally have a problem when men yell at me. Because of my past, it tends to shut me down. When G made his valid points, I asked him questions and started to again raise his voice and tell me to stop debating with him. Ugg I am so frustrated. Last week when my head manager was out sick I worked 10 hours overtime. I was exhusted and had to work 10 days in a row. This is my job and I don't always need a pat on the back, but after all of that dedication, and being told Im 'not good' at my job. I am so irritated. I feel underappreicated. It took everything I had not to snap. I've never met the guy, NEVER, and he doesn't even know my name or my potential, but yet he has already labeled me! Most of the stuff he ranted at me about wasn't what he said, but how he said it, that pissed me off. Luckily I have tough skin and I delt with it, but it really hurt. 🙁 I put alot of effort and dedication into my job and then this happens :(. UGG!

Maybe I am horrible at my job and that's why I'm underappreicated, but at the same time if I sucked, why did I get the promotion in the first place???


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