I found out ~ via Facebook ~ a friend had passed away. I came to know him through the very first web site I found when I was searching for some kind of guidance. I was lost. I was giving up on "friendships" via the internet and I began to wonder, there is so much information on the internet, why is it so difficult for me to find support?


I gave a certain web site a try…and so glad I did. Paolo became one of a handfull of people who greeted and treated me well. He supported, guided and helped me when I felt I had given up hope. That site and the people on there, brought me back to life. I had discontinued posting on there. Nothing against anyone but I felt I had gotten my life back and began to live it. I still keep in touch with a couple of people I had 'met' on that site through Facebook and continue emailing a wonderful man who lives in England with his husband.


The internet boggles my mind. It's funny how someone I have never met, can be such a positive influence in my life. That also goes to some of the people I have had the privlege to 'meet' here.


Paolo lived a wonderful, happy and married life with his husband and their son. I admired his honesty and his zest for love. Unfortunately, it took his loss to remind me to appreciate everyone who has touched my life. Be it in person or the internet.People come into our lives for a reason and eventhough we may never meet, I want to say (type) all of you who have encouraged, supported or simply typed a 'hello'…your words have meant a lot to me.


Take care ya'll.

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  1. IresQyou 11 years ago

     Big Warm Fuzzy here!!  I am sorry for your loss. You were 100% right.



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