I find it really confusing to y we are all not just tested from the get go. People say there is money in all of this and i disagree see im on govt insurance because i didnt have insurance before getting hiv then they say they want me to go on govt insurance and run that empty before i can go on normal insurance or something like that but either way right now they aren't making money cuz im on complera and it is 2324 a month put in the govt insurance and it 391 a month then u add the Gilead card who are the makers of truvada which is in complera and they cover up to 400 a month so to me its free. And any doctor bills go right to my doctor and they process it through the govt and its free so no one is making any money. Basicly everyone is paying for it but its just goin in a circle really. But my question or more of a suggestion is y not have it as part of a physical i bet more ppl get physicals then hiv test. It just seems the cure is as simple as not passing it. We need to fix the automatic calling system to make sure they got the message that they need to come in and get tested and we need to get it out there that people need to get tested in a better way. How bout get a flu shot get tested. Its not against any rights if it helps u be protected in knowing where u stand. Its just really confusing as to how it has gotten this out of hand. We also need to make this more of an ok topic to talk about with other people it just seems like we are all ashamed and hide it when mayb if we didnt we would have more people getting tested like with cancer. It seems like every month is cancer month and every big store has jumped on the walk for the cure and then people get tested for that all the time they get their breast exams and prostate exams and every other exam and no complaints why not do the same with hiv just get it out there and say hey u want an hiv test with that flu shot it doesn't seem like a lot to ask. Im just tired of knowing that if the one who gave me hiv knew he had it he wouldn't of passed it himself you think your being safe and one night leads to all of this, something that could have been stopped in the eighties if they would have simply said hey lets make sure u dont have hiv/aids. For most like me if we know we have it we dont mess around and try to pass it again. And im sure we will still have a few crazies who will pass it on purpose or some will pass it by accident but at the end of the day one life saved by trying something new is better then none and im willing to bet if more people were informed of having hiv they would protect it from being passed and we could save millions.

  1. june61 9 years ago

    So true..

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  2. livelyintellectual 9 years ago

    I also agree with you. But yes, there are costs associated, though as you say, prevention would still be less costly than treatment. Most services are designed to be cost effective, there are algorithms to determine whether you have risk factors and should get tested for certain STIs. While this approach may be ok for chlam and gonorrhea, I would support mandatory testing for HIV. They started doing that in some hospitals in British Columbia, Can, and they found 1/1000 was infected, and had never been diagnosed even when they had previous encounters with the health system.

    If only there was less stigma… to begin with. Then there would be more people getting tested too. Thus I am against criminalization as well.

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