I just want to share this and ask what will u do if u were in my position.I live in an almost quiet neighborhood, almost quiet bcoz the only noise you'll here is my next door neighbor. Weve been living here almost a year now, ive met most of my other neighbors except my next door. I see her all the time coz theres nothing really between her house and mine except for a knee high fence. I believe shes not friendly coz so many times ive tried to say hi to her she just ignores me. I heard from my landlord who lives on my other side of the house that shes almost the same age as me, married to a japanese navy and has 4 kids, yes 4 kids all boys the eldest is im guessing 9 or 10 and the youngest just a couple of months. The husband is always away like my fiance so maybe shes quite stressed. All you will hear from around 6 am in the morning till around past 7 or 9 pm or till the kids go to bed are her shouting. She shouts too much, curse too much that sometimes i have to put my TV volume to 50 just to hear what im watching. At first i couldnt careless, i thought shes not friendly anyways so why should i care. But its been almost a year now and nothings changed! It seems like she had made the shouting to her kids her hobby or something. Ive met her kids when their playing outside and im doing yard work and their all adorable, i cant really understand why she should always be angry at them. I understand she must be stressed, at that young age with 4 kids, a full time mom and the husband always away but lately her anger is getting into me. Im starting to feel hatred towards her. I can never have some peace , quiet day. Maybe your thinking why not just move?? Well if its that easy we wouldve moved by now but we have a contract and its not even a year yet. I just want her to be quiet even for just a couple of hours or a day or maybe just once a week every sunday:( Sometimes i wish that they should just move, or if i have a majic wand ill put her on top of a mountain alone where she can shout all day long. I feel sorry for the kids, i feel like its abuse. Ive never talked to her coz she ignores me, im wondering if i should. Her loud, noisy, abusive voice is really getting into my nerves and im always getting pissed for nothing myself.

  1. sailormoon23 11 years ago

    Thank you. Thats what i might do. Im already seeing from the kids that their taking their mothers shouting as normal, ive been hearing them(kids) shout at eachother too. I want to make the kids feel that everything will be ok but i can only do that when their allowed to go outside to play which is not everyday. I can tell the kids wants some attention when they try to talk and play with me but im still having doubts if i should be close to them coz i dont want the mother to feel im invading her life thru her kids. But i guess i really cant do anything. Ur right i think she has isolated herself from everybody but i feel sorry coz shes doing the same to her kids. I guess im just gonna have to endure her madness and hope that shouting is the only thing shes doing to the kids.

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  2. sailormoon23 11 years ago

    Thank u for ur comment. Actually when we moved here and a couple of days later someone called a police on her coz we heard her shouting like crazy. Me and my bf were so shocked coz weve never heard anyone go mad like that ever! We actually thought she was possesed;p but anyway someone called the police and they came and they talk( police &her) and the police left. I was outside and my other neighbors were there too, i was looking at them like “do something” look and their looking at me smiling like ” youll get used to it look” , crazy huh? And no my landlord is different from theirs so my landlord cant do anything or everbody in my neighborhood seems to play deaf and blind. Which is not surprising coz when i was bleeding to death and my american bf was shouting outside for help to my neighbors, he said no one actually came out:( he went all the way on another neighborhood to ask for help to call an ambulance coz he cant speak japanese:( That was very traumatic for him, and he said if anyone in our neighborhood asks for help, he would play deaf:(

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