here's a straight shot from NA world services about the 34th NA World Convention. you muast register to be able to get in. i hope you see you all there.

NA hugs and love,


WCNA 34 is coming up soon in San Diego, California – 1-4 September 2011. Hotels and registration will be live on sale on our site on3 January 2011. Information will be posted in December as soon as it is available. The link is you wish to be emailed about WCNA-related information as it becomes available, click here to subscribe.

As discussed at WSC 2010, this will be a registrationrequired event. The convention center requires a badge to be in the building and we have been talking for several years about how challenging it is to plan for those who may or may not turn up. We know that making the world convention a registration-required event will mean an adjustment for some people, but it’s the only way to be fiscally responsible. The economics of our past practices are not something we can, or even think we should, sustain. Please help us by registering early and getting the word out in your community. The last time we were in San Diego was for the 50th anniversary in 2003. It was a great event and location, and we hope you will join us for WCNA 34.

This is the first communication we have sent to all email addresses in our database. Many of you may simply be in our database, may have a subscription to a NAWS publication, or receive the JFT by email daily. In an effort to improve our communication, we will be sending out NAWS updates on a monthly basis to everyone in our database. You can opt out of receiving communication from NAWS by clicking the link below. Please be aware, if you choose this option, it will discontinue all email communications from NAWS including any email subscriptions you might have. We hope you do not choose this option, but if you do, you can resubscribe to publications or JFT at any time by going to Resubscribing will automatically add you to the monthly NAWS update list as well. We promise not to flood your inbox if you choose to stay in our system!


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