I was reminded today by a dear sister in recovery that i am slipping away in the ratings. that truly does not bother me. my queston today is what are you doing for your recovery today? for me this was a busy week in Recovery. last Friday night i spoke at the January birhtday meeting, last Saturday i drove to Las Vegas 108 miles from home to speak, last nigth one of my grandsponsees celebrated 18 years clean and it was an honor and a privelege to present him with his 18 year medallion. we also had 2 people take 6 months. one lady who is a tribe member had a major relapse 7 months ago. when she realized she was in deep stuff she called me. i drug her butt to a meeting everynight unil she was stable enough to drive herself.

winter time is a rough time for all in Recovery especially when it's snowing outside, roads are icy, it's hard to make it to a meeting. what do we do? we pull out our phone lists or our life line to recovery and call fellow members of the 12 step program of our choice and talk with them. if you are struggling find someone who drives in wintery conditions better than you. after living in Alaska for 36 years and Montana for 2 yeras i am truly not afraid to drive on anything or in anything. grab your journal. and write what your going through. have long talks with your sponsor. WORK ON YOUR STEPS!!!!!!!!!!!!! what an amazing time to work on recovery.

for those who don't now much NA history yesterday would have been Jimmy. K.'s 61st clean birthday. he died 4 years and 2 days before i got clean. 7/9/85. thanks for all your hard work and perseverance Jimmy. and thanks for watching over all us members of NA. stay clean and be good to yourself.

NA hugs and love,



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