I am now 53yrs old,  29 years ago I had my first panic attack. And now, its back. Am totally lost for words. How? Why? Why am I not better yet? it seems to me if I overcame it 29yrs ago, this should be easy to get over, but it is not. Now I will admit I have made some great progress, with the help of podcast, books, and my therapist. I am starting to understand what happens in the body, the mind, my fear of fear and I practice everyday. I practice letting thoughts pass by, letting my body symptoms pass, etc..

The thing is,,,, I want to talk about it with others. However, to my surprise I can find no support groups in my area? Support groups that meet on zoom, or phone calls, etc. It seems no one really wants to talk about anxiety, GAD, panic, etc. Like it is still, after all these years something to hide.  I know in watching my podcast DLC, Anxious Truth, etc.., that talking and sharing has been the most helpful to me and seems others on those sites.

I am willing to talk, and wanting to. I am willing to start a support group. Share, talk, laugh, cry, learn and all we need to do to feel better. I am hoping by writing this I will have some interest or advice on how I can start this.  Love to you all that suffer.


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