Well I have just come back from my Mental Health Chapliancy Course in colllge – it was very interesting but too much to pack into one week! There was an RC Sister on the course and she was saying I should join her in the Convent! (Can't imagine me being a Nun – I'm too chatty for a start!)

Part of the course was a listening day, which nearly killed me! lol 🙂

Anyway I had a great time with G (who has now started to call me his Missus now so I think thats a good sign AND he said I love you too the other day – so things are really great) I have had such a lovely summer getting closer to him and spending time in his business.

I would appreciate some advice if poss. The other day we were play fighting and I dug my nails into his hand (I forget how sharp my nails are) Well his hand started to bleed and I just (without thinking) wiped away the blood with my hand.

At this point he told me go to the bathroom and wash my hands with the antibacterial wash – I was taken aback because I really didnt think about that being dangerous at all!!! He also mentioned that we shouldn't really share drinks from cans if his gums bleed.

I am so sorry that I am probably being completely stupid and I apologise now for being ignorant but is there like a list of things we can and can't do? We don't have a physical relationship (apart from messings around) and so I thought we would be very safe but I think he worries that because I am Neg he doesn't want to risk anything!!

Any help, as always, Gratefully accepted.

The song choice I have picked is because I have fallen in love with Simon Neil from Biffy Clyro – he is well hot!


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  1. lexie69 11 years ago

    Thankyou for your comments! I think he is responsible (well he did say someone had to be in the relationship lol)

    Yes, I am very happy at the moment! 🙂 Things are very good..


    I know !!! Yeah for a trainee vicar, I don't have much faith in some things! 🙂 Thanks so much for your hugs – they certainly mean alot! x


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