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So I'm feeling a little anxious…I did something tonight that I'm not sure about…

I put my laundry in the dryer at 8:00. I checked them at 8:50 and decided to leave one pair of pants inside because there was hair on them and I was hoping that it'd come off if I left them alone for a bit.

I went to check them again at 9:45. This means that from the time I put them in the dryer to the time I went to take them out, 1 hour and 45 minutes had passed. That is 105 minutes. The dryers go up to 110 and I'm pretty sure that I put mine somewhere between 100 and 110 like usual.

And yet when I open the dryer, POOF! Several articles of clothing come tumbling out. My pants are not in the dryer. Instead I find a whole load of clothes that appear to belong to a male.

I turn around to check the washers and sure enough, there they are. I was so mad that I picked them up, turned back to the dryer, slammed its door shut, and walked off. I left the clothes that had fallen out still laying on the floor and I didn't bother restarting the dryer so he'll come back in a while and find them still wet…

The way I see it is he either shut my dryer off and took my pants out or he saw that it was already off and took them out. The reason this irritates me is because we're talking about me possibly being late to pick them up by no more than 5 minutes. No one is perfect and I dislike people rooting through my shit. Also keep in mind that I don't actually know when he removed them. Hell, for all I know, he could have sat there waiting for my dryer to stop and then took them out as soon as it finished.

The problem, IMO, is that there isn't a huge amount of time here that is unaccounted for. If you map it out, there is so little wiggle room that it boils down to three scenarios:

1. He noticed my dryer was almost done and waited for it to finish in order to remove my clothing. This, IMO, is wrong. That gives the owner no time at all to get their clothes and almost demands that they show up early just to be sure that no one removes their stuff.

2. He noticed my dryer was almost done, checked my clothing, saw my pants were dry, and removed them. It's not his job to check peoples' clothes and it's very rude.

3. I left my pants sit for 5 minutes and he removed them. Not entirely his fault but I still have a problem with people removing my clothes like that.

And honestly, I'd like to know how like 9 dryers were full at almost 10:00 at night. But now I'm wondering if what I did was wrong. What if I did let my dryer sit for 5 minutes? My pants would have been warm still and the buttons would have been scolding hot. Wouldn't that have been a sign that they weren't there long? Would that have made my actions wrong?

My boyfriend says that people just shouldn't be moving other peoples' clothes around like that and that he got what he had coming to him. He also thinks that I am being OCD about it but now I'm just worried. =/ And yet, at the same time, I know that this batch of students is rather bad…I've heard screaming off and on all day and people kept running up and down the hallway this evening. For all I know, a total jackass opened up my still running dryer, took my stuff out, and just tossed them on the nearest open washer. Hell, this batch of kids is so damn rowdy that someone stole our two microwaves on Friday and the school had to demand that they be returned or they'd start searching rooms. I still don't know if they even got those back… >.<

I wish I felt better about what I did. Other people just act you know? They take your clothes and move them, they bail on research projects, they make snide remarks, etc.. And yet here I am, the good girl, wondering if I was too mean…yet again… =/


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