so, i\'ve been on 2mg of xanax (1mg in the morn, and 1mg in the eve.) for around 5 years. i am very sensitive to meds and i was put on xanax and klonopin for anxiety, sleep, restless leg syndrome, mood ehancement, etc. the man who prescribed this combo was very intelligent.


at anyrate, when i moved to cali and finally got into a shrink after 7 months of living here, it turns out that he has a "no prescribing xanax to ANYONE policy". therefore i have noone else to  prescribe it to me. there is a huge waiting list to get into a shrink here and i half to stick with this guy for now.


the combo of xanax and klonopin helped my anxiety the most out of the over  20 meds i have been on in my life. it helped me along with therapy and my hard work to get where i am today. i have come so far with this combo and my hard work in my life. but now that i am under the most stress that i\'ve ever been in my entire life, i have to stop taking xanax. i know it\'s addictive, but "the benefits outwiegh the risks" for sure!…

anway, here is my question… have you ever been on a moderately high dosage of xanax everyday for years and then been forced to stop? did you have withdrawals? if so what were they? were they bad? how did you taper off the med if you did? my shrink is telling me to start taking .5 mg less for a week and then .5 mgs less another week and so on until i run out. it doesent seem like this is enough time and i am very scared of the withdrawal symptoms.


any info that you have would be great!…i really appreciate it,


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  1. katyellis76 12 years ago

    im sorry this happend but i hope you still get something out of this therapist good luck take it one day at a time – kate

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