So its about 2:40 in the morning now, i feel so tierd but i cannot get to sleep. I finnaly decided to go to bed around 1:45 after extream procrasitnation. After not having enough motivation to work on homework it took getting completly freaked out to do some.. some not all ifinally gave up. So i was trying to sleep for about an hour. But i coudlnt stnad the emptiness anylonger of sitting in bed doing nothing. I hate when I cant sleep but feel really really tierd, I wish i knew what it was and could stop it. If anyone happens to read this blog and knows what i mean, any  chance you know have any way to get to sleep?

Well i know that partially I cannot sleep but yet am tierd is becuase i still ahve a migraine. I was out of school today because i had one and it just hasnt gone away. Even though its hard for me to sleep when it it hurts badly ussualy when I am extreamly tier (like i am) it just puts me out. While i was just laying in bed I finaly had to get up and do something (hense writng blog) becuase i was just getting too overworked aobut going to school tomorow.

I always get nervous going to school the next day mapping out every possible thingthat could go wrong. But even more so after being absent, with make up work and such. Usuauly i can kind of avoic a full out anxiety attack by telling myself just have to get to 3 the next day but this time after school I have soooooo many big things done i havnet started its freaking me out too.

Since the depression has kickd in more so lately i find it soo difficult getting school work done. I never have any motivation to do it in my mind i start freaking out about not having something done and its getting late. But i just sometimes feel as if i cant bring myself to do it. Also making myself go to school is just soo hard, an effort for me and as weel as my mom who has to all but pull me out of bed.

Welll i am going to  end this long ranting blog and either do some more things online for awhile or try sleepingagain.



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