today I learned that I failed a chem exam. I didn't eat till I got home when my friend made me . wanted to cut the whole day, nearly puked up bile when I heard someone say that my ex girlfriend might be taking a guy to prom. I’m not going, I don't have the money and seeing the girl I was in love with for 14 months only to have her dump me in a school bathroom like what we had was nothing, in a beautiful dress would kill me. just came home from kick boxing not going to eat dinner. I wanted to cry so many times when I was there, I was failing so bad and everyone was yelling at me to try harder but I had nothing left. So tired. I wanted to cut but I am too tired tonight, I will tomorrow though. I also thought about killing myself several times today. I wonder what its like on the other side. I just want to be happy. Obviously that is too much to ask in this like, maybe my next one.


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  1. Athena_Lockheart 11 years ago

    thankyou epiphany for taking the time to read and reply to my blog. i am very sick at the moment. everyday is a battle. i hate waking up in the morning. i just want it all to end. what makes me cut?  the thought that georgina never wanted me, that i was never good enough, that i am stupid, fat and ugly. i see her so happy and here i am a zombie, i  dont smile, i look off to the distance when i walk, i zone out all the time, some times i end up places wnen i have no idea how i got there. i dont eat, i dont sleep.

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