Job – My boss wants me to quit and is making life hell for me at work.

Home – My roommate is trying to kick me out and the landlord is on her side (due to a technical error, not because of me).

Personal – My best friend is getting married. We were going to be roommates, but now she might not be able to do that. She’s not available for me at this time when I need her most. We had so much fun having two sleepovers prior to the holiday break. Then I heard her boyfriend on the phone urging her to marry him and move to his state. She resisted, stating that she likes where she is, and that she does not love him. But because she needs her green card, she decided to marry him after all. Now she’s going away temporarily to marry him and fill out paperwork. She says she’ll return, but I doubt it. She mentioned buying a car for them. It sounds like they will be a real couple, not just friends with an arrangement for citizenship.

I am highly depressed over this because she is the only joy I had to look forward to on weekends after dealing with my job and apartment issues. I couldn’t wait to return from vacation to shop and watch movies with my friend into the evening. Now I don’t know what to do nor who to turn to. I seriously do not want to live because there’s too much on my plate. I am tired of fighting my boss, tired of draining my family financially to pay lawyers for my apartment, and now I am tired of losing friends. I was a loner before, and each time I open myself to include people in my life, they hurt me. My friend said we’ll always be friends, but her getting married really will change everything, and I seriously wonder if she’ll return. I somehow doubt it.


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