Well we went to the bank the other day to try to get things straightend out and they are being jerks. So we have to go to the main branch to find out what is going on with our money. My 4 year old started pre-school and is doing really great. She loves going to school for now wink wink. I had a scare with my friend that lives in GA. There was a bunch of drama at her house a few nights ago and she was threating to kill herself. Thankfully my hubby talked to her and got her to calm down and think about her kids and how they would feel without her. We might be going to get her and her kids and bringing them here to CT to live with us. Which would be really good because she needs to get away from her ex and his family. I found a really good poem that my friend wrote on one of my other sites and I hope you all like it.


HourGlass of easy life!


Hidden in the shades
A bench stood lonely
Withering away
And with it an old lady
So far away from home
Her face long forgotten
The heart as shallow as a hole
Memories are fading
Lot of friends have died
Life has long since passed

And sulking there she wondered

Could life have been that easy
If she hadn’t made it so hard?
Time will soon have passed
What had she done?
Stood aside just watching
Not woken up to take control

When she was young
Life was just so much fun
Drinking, laughing, passing time
Even love was just a game
Nothing for the faint of heart
They all played along together
While ignoring feelings all along
But they hadn’t known
For how they’d gain
Nothing but a bunch of pain

Would she’ve done better now, she wondered

Could life be just that easy
If one didn’t make it so hard?
Time will soon be passing
And what is one to do?
Stand aside just watching
Or wake up and take control?

Looking back now in these days
Her life’s been a waste
Just waiting for her time to come
It had all ran by at once
Now she sat here grieving
For her fault’s can’t be undone
Kids just watch her closely
Do not walk this same wrong way
Life your life the fullest
Don’t just give it up!

What will you choose, I wonder

Life will really be that easy
If you won’t make it too hard
Time will soon start passing
And you know just what to do
Don’t stand aside just watching
Wake up now and take control!




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  1. esmerael 15 years ago

    Nice poem, but the sentiment is a bit odd. It's not like we chose to make things difficult for ourselves by being crazy! I'm sure if we had the choice, we'd all enjoy life…<br>Peace and strength.xxx

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