Alrighty then. 30 Blogs in 30 days, huh? I'll give it the best crack I can. As long as blue coat doesn't block this site I'll be alright.

 I'm in Iraq right now, somewhere between 30 and 70 miles North of Baghdad on the bank of the Tigris River. I can see the river from the base here, it's just on the other side of the fence; "the wire" as we call it.

 I don't go outside the wire. I'm deployed with an aircraft maintenance unit. Aircraft mechanic. I make 'em fly. Right now I'm in the tool crib, "in the rear with the gear", not a bad place to be.

I didn't realize until just a little while ago that yesterday was my 16th month mark. Man time flies by. I'll have 18 before I know it. Another milestone.

 Alcohol is outlawed in this country, so it's not much of a temptation for me. It's just not available, or readily available. This has been a test of my program. My true program. The program that works when you take alcohol away. The character development process that makes us stronger human beings and more productive to the world around us. It's been more of a test of my dependance on God than anything, I don't have the solid support group that I've come to rely upon back home.

It's hard being in a relationship while you're here. I have a loving girlfriend who supports me and sometimes even carries me through. We're in a long distance relationship already, about 800 miles, but it's still different being on the other side of the world and not being able to get home or make a call or visit as often as you'd like. I can't wait to get home to that woman.

I'd better not say too much today, I'll run out of things to write in the next 29 days! An introduction is enough for now. Peace~



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