My son wrote me through his my space the other day about some things going on with him in his life. Don't know why but I started writing back a reply and I guess  (this is kinda weird) that my Higher Power was talking to me…through me…or my writing. These words I replied to my son…. I always wanted to hear from my dad, and never did. Dad and I are kinda at odds with each other now, and yes I am praying about it, so I know it will get better one day…soon I hope. So heres the reply I sent, I just wanted to share this with my friends here and to remind you to TELL your sons and daughters how ya feel about them. Maybe they need to HEAR it like I did…luv you my friends…mark ____________________________________________________________________________________________________

Well son…what can I say? Heres some fatherly advice or should I say …my experience, strenghth and hope. I pray that you have learned from your mistake(s) because thats growing up and its called …Wisdom….which can only get by making those (stupid) mistakes. How come all the mistakes we make seem so stupid AFTER the fact that we've made em? I guess if we knew before then we would'nt make them and we would never learn…does that make sense?
I've made alot of mistakes and hurt alot of people in my life…I used to think it was hereditary but thats just a lame excuse to make more mistakes…know what I mean. I'm proud of you …growing also means owning up to those mistakes and NOT doing them again….I learned the hard way… I kept leaving the “NOT doing them again ” out . go figure …my bad lol…do they say that anymore? Hmmmmmmm…oh well I did them.
Something I have learned too is that once TRUST is broken its very hard to get back…most times impossible. Hey we are human and we forget ……. to forget. We wanna carry that hurt (of broken trust} around and beat ourselves up with it…keep it handy…in case things start going too good…thats how it worked for me most of my life. Heres a secret…{ ITS NOT HEREDITARY…YOU HAVE YOUR OWN LIFE…YOUR OWN MISTAKES TO MAKE…BUT NOT BECAUSE I OR ANYONE IN YOUR FAMILY MADE THEM …… YOU HAVE CHOICES}
I do hope you can look, see, ask, eeeeven; about my mistakes …So you dont HAVE to do them yourself …of course like I said …YOU have choices… scarey huh?
I LOVE YOU and I'm sure sometimes it might seem that I dont but I do. one thing I've learned in the RECENT past…you can't tell someone how to love you….They love you Their own way…in Their own way. All we can or have to do is Accept it. I would say I'm sorry for the lecture…but ya know what? I'm not lol…I don't get to lecture enough anymore…goin into withdrawls eeeeeven…. so take it with the LOVE I have in my HEART for you and know that we can talk anytime…just pick up the phone….welll ya have to dial it too lmao.

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  1. steveb 15 years ago

    god always gives us the right words. we just have to ask. i am with one of    my sons in florida right now. i am leaving to go home on sunday. u can bet your ass i will tell him how much i love him and how proud of him and the path he is headed. thanks for the reminder……….steve

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