It was a day ill never forget but elimination of this memory would put the univers in a better space?? the war in my mind began when the enimie attacked & i was drafted into my military at age 4 my dad the enimie packed his shit for unbenonced to this soldger for the last time with no good by's no hug's & i will call him charlie as charlie was the enimie in Viet Nam & i will call myself Joe as Joe was the kid sent to fight a war no one understood or gave a rats ass about, after charlie closed the front door joe had a nightmare right after saying his prayers, Now i lay me down to slle, i pray the lord my soul to keep, if i shood die befor i awake, i pray the lord my soul to take– god bless ma ma, pa pa & my kitie happy, the nightmare that followed was i got allmost what i payed for god took my soule but unfortunitley for me i lived? after a week on the front i put the thing i loved the most my cat happy in the refridgerater? why ma ma aksed? i dont know ma ma? little did joe know ma ma was fighting her owne war, Joe started to think ugly & hate the enimie that had changed his world for good, little did the enimie know joe was a good soldger the only good quality he had, the next plan for joe was to fight the enimie at school you see at 5 Joe was big & strong & wanted kids to fear him so he fought & cheated & stole & beat up the small kid's & the girl's when asked why by his ma ma, after being sent home joe answered the only way he new "i dont know ma ma" remember Joe had no soule but couldent admit it as that would show weekness & to Joe that wasent happening, joe was going to kill charlie no matter what? Joe went back to school a few day's latter only to continue the fight & hir reward for fighting this was was to be keped back in the 2nd. grade wile all his enimies moved ahead? Joe thought am i stupid but like a good soldger kept that one stuffed inside as being stupid was a weekness & emotions were a distraction Joe was going to win the war without feeling's? as feeling's just get in the way, Joe moved up in rank's found something that made him feel good music? rock & rool was peaking a revolution was happening listening to songs like heroin, needele & spoon, fuck the cops, all the cops are criminals & all the siners saints, was joe a saint in his owne fucken mind he was, joe hat to take advantage of sainthood & moved up in ranking's to the devals drug when joe's was 12 his good friend shot him up & saint joe for once sence he was 4 felt like the war was taking a turn for the better & he could realy now fuck charlie in his ass?


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