Ya know, no matter how much i seem to complain and be unsatisfied/unhappy, i know it could always be worse.  i also know it could always be better–even if just slightly.  Stuff–life–is gonna happen, no matter what we plan for or expect.  i just need to prepare myself–mentally, at least–for the worst scenarios, and hope for the best.  Yep, talkin myself back off the ledge again, or somethin like that.  i just feel so scrambled, lately, since people in my life tend to change up on me–generally their choices/decisions vary–so, i have to make changes, to coincide?  —something like that, anyway.  i get so fed up with confrontation or the angst that generally accompanies confrontations….  i wind up beyond fed up with people, and their attitudes.  But, i also know that’s just another aspect of life–dealing with other people–and, as such, i should try’n make the most of it–moment-to-moment or situation-to-situation….  *sigh

Preparing for a visit from Dorian, possibly….  Well, not exactly, since it’s the beginning of the month, and we generally do this, monthly.  But, i am planning to get a few more things done, like laundry and possibly filling some bottles of water, just to be sure.  You’d never guess a storm was anywhere on the ‘horizon,’ since the sun’s shining bright and the skies are really blue (with some clouds, sure).  But, i’m sure it’s the relative calm before the storm–since the forecast isn’t for anything really to start kickin in, until tomorrow, sometime.  And, if it keeps ‘stalling out,’ or remaining stationary, it may very well just dissipate and not be much of a threat to ‘us’ at all….—My heart goes out to those who are and have been affected.        Since we got back in, more than a couple hours ago, i’ve just felt really….yep, frustrated, again.  i’m sure the majority of the negativity has to do with the fact that Marty’s being Marty–and since he’s feeling lazy-ish, now that we’ve gotten one thing done, i’m not going to the meeting–again.  smh  Oh well….  But, he wants me to take an extended walk with him?  Really?  i’ve asked for more than two weeks, now, for him to go with me to a meeting–or let me know beforehand, if he wasn’t gonna go–and here we are again…  i just wanna lay back down and not get out of bed until he’s gone to work, Thursday!!!!  –Not gonna happen.  *sigh  Just gotta pick my battles–i know.  😐

  1. sullengirl76 4 years ago

    I know it’s frustrating. And yes, you are right, things could be a lot worse. But that doesn’t mean you aren’t entitled to your feelings. So please don’t stop venting them.

    Having said that, I can totally relate to the “picking your battles” mode of dealing with things. I have such a limited supply of energy most days that, if I were to invest it in every single thing that I thought needed to be changed, I’d never have any energy left for things like hygiene or my job. LOL

    I hope the storms don’t do too much damage and that you and your loved ones are safe. Take care!!

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      delane1 4 years ago

      Thank you, my friend. i’ve done just about all i can do, at this point–might do some final tweaks and fix some extra food in the morning, in case the power goes out, but, that’s about it.

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