Ok first thought on my mind, after reading another article centered around the Duggar family. I used to think differently of them. I really thought they were people with good intentions.But really after Josie (#19) and the loss of Jubilee (#20), don't you think it's time to stop trying and focus on the ones you have and the grand babies? This thought just occurred to me: could you imagine if they had pets instead of children? Oh my…Animal control may step in. But I really think these parents have…abnormalities (psychologically speaking). I mean if he loved his wife, he wouldn't coax her to have children until she died. If she loved him, she'd suggest other methods of affection I guess. Just my opinion. If you disagree, I'd be happy to debate this issue. I think there is a difference in choosing not to use birth control and trying to break a record. Anyway, I feel I needed to vent. I worry about the younger children: Josie who had a rough start in life and the other young ones who (may rarely) get one-on-one time with their parents. Ok I'll conclude this topic. Like I said, if you see differently or agree, then I'd be happy to have a discussion.
Ok next thing on my mind, our beloved pug Roscoe. I can't recall if I mentioned he has arthritis in his back legs. Roscoe was my brother's and my first dog. Roscoe holds a special place in my heart. He is so determined when you have food a few feet away. I've gotten into a sort of puppy routine: after he goes to the restroom, I give him a carrot. He has gotten to the point where he can go into the carrier (so I can transport him outside easily) with just a little coaxing. In the beginning, I had to physically put him in there (talk about workout). He's such a good dog: I was able to teach him how to sit, shake (a trick he learned later in life) and dance (something he can no longer do because of the arthritis). I was so happy when I taught him how to shake hands. I used a book as a guide as to the steps that need to be taken. Roscoe loves to go "bye-bye" (car rides) and when his legs were in better shape, he loved his "walkies." He has been such a joy to me over these past 11 and a half years. I still consider his snoring cute and his wagging curly tail always makes me smile.
I am not saying Gracie or any of our cats haven't been a blessing also, they have. They each hold a special place in my heart. With Gracie, I fell in love with a picture (I know now not a good thing to do) but I don't regret it. Each of our cats has their own story: Paint was a pregnant stray we took in. Harley and Lexie are the results (we managed to give one away boy do I miss him). Sophie was found abandoned at the school where my dad works. Misa (who doesn't really get along with anyone except my dad) was taken in after a cousin had to move. And then there are the 2 guinea pigs (how we ended up with them is a long story). Basically we started with two, then three came into the world and then last 2 were so piggy wouldn't have to live alone. I am responsible for the guinea pigs (as for how we ended up with them) but my angel of a dad takes care of them. When the mama, daddy and three babies passed, it was too much for me. I have found I need to stick with cats and dogs, they give you more I guess.
Roscoe is the only pet we have left from our Florida days. We adopted him as a puppy when I was 12 and my brother was 8. Roscoe was an octuplet (one of eight). Like I said, he is such a joy, dispite his imperfections (hip problems, breathing problems). I thank God for every animal we have or have had. I feel each has taught me a lesson.


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