Today, I found out about something that I'd give anything to go to! I don't care what I'd have to do, I want to go so badly! But it's in L.A and money is an issue. I'm giving my parents ideas on how we can earn more money, but they won't listen! They told me it's a stupid wish that's not going to come true because of how little money we have! I HATE BEING POOR! I HATE IT SO MUCH! All my friends go to Paris and Italy while I'm stuck in my tiny, crappy apartment the entire summer, doing the same thing everyday!!!

The event that I'd give anything to go to is called "Invader Con." I want to go there SO much.But like my parents said, it's stupid to even think that I might have a chance at going there. And this is the last year they're doing it. God, right now I feel like crying. I know I might sound like a spoiled brat who throws a fit everytime she can't get what she wants, but I've never been out of my tiny town. I don't even go on school feild trips because I'm so poor. I'd do anything to meet my favorite celebrities at Invader Con. But I know I can't. Why did I have to be born into a poor family? Maybe if I wasn't I can do things every other kid in my town has. I've never been on a train or a plane, I've never had a car, I've never been to a concert, I've never even had a birthday party. (And I've never been to one.) I hate being poor. I hate it with everything inside me. I'd give ANYTHING to go to Invader Con, ANYTHING! Then maybe my depression wouldn't be so bad, But I might as well forget about it. Poor kids rarely ever get something they want. And yeah, maybe I am asking a lot of my parents. Going to L.A, buying tickets for Invader Con, staying at the hotel, but they don't understand how badly I want this. I barely ask for anything, and the minute I want something as bad as I want this, it turns out to be impossible. I really need to go cry.

  1. Silent_Sigh 10 years ago

     It may be hard now, but gice it a few years. When you're old enough to get a job and earn your own money, you can save to go to one of these events. They have them all over the world all the time – I know here in the UK we have them a lot, there's no fear of them ending anytime soon and you'd even get to travel to another country! I know it seems like the end of the world now, but just wait till you can afford to do something like this of your own accord, with your own money, and it'll feel a whole lot more worth while. It's possibly not that your parents don't understand how much you want it, but simply that they physcially don't have the money to be able to give you a way to do it. Don't be so hard on them – I'm sure they work hard to simply put food n the table and a roof over your head. Rich is overrated anyway – people with money aren't necessarily any happier, and what's worse is they take everything for granted so they're often worse people for it. Your parents probably feel terrible for not being able to give you what you want, despite what you think, deep down they'd love to be able to provide their children with all the luxuries in the world, but if it's not possible; it's simply not possible. They can't be feeling good about having to say no. 

    Give it a few years. You won't be poor forever. As soon as you can, you'll get out there and start earning money – and what's more is you'll have more determination because you want it more than anyone else. I know a few years feels like a lifetime right now, but believe me, it'll come and go much faster than you realise. 

    Hang in there. Sometimes, we have to go through the rough to get to the good. You've a whole lifetime ahead of you, and you can make it anything you want it to be. Don't get bogged down by trivial things right now, just enjoy your friends and your family and try to be thankful you have food to eat every day and a bed to sleep in – many do not even have that. One day, it'll all make sense, I promise. 

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  2. Depression_Guru 10 years ago

    Invader Con will not fix your depression. Believe me I know. I've chased designer clothes, expensive cars and all I ever felt was guilty for wasting money. My depression actually got worse. The answer is to look within.

    There are ways to look within that do not cost money. Meditation is free. In my town we have a Buddist Center that give free meditation lessons. Go on-line and do a search.

    The best remedy is to help someone else. Take the focus off you. Posting here is a great way to help others.

    You sound young.Such a tender heart. I love sensitive people. Just because you cannot attend Invader Con today does not mean it's out of your reach.

    We've all had disappointments and there will be many more in your life. How are you going to handle disappointment? I journal. Write about your feelings, post here as you are. Anything to get those feelings out.

    Can you go to Invader Con on the net? Is there a live feed? Just a thought.

    Don't make your life about money. I've learned the hard way. See yourself as prosperous. When you get a job and earn your own money, things will change in your favor. Not a question of if but when.

    I doubt this is about Invader con. Dig deeper to determine why you really want to go. Is it to get away from your parents? To escape depression. To get a feel good high?

    Prayer works every time 100%. Pray for prosperity and patience.

    Peace Wanda

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