Lesson 301

“And God Himself shall wipe away all tears.”

As we learn to open to and receive Holy Spirit\'s correction in perception, we are led to see that a perception of individual bodies with separate minds is false. The sight of separation comes from belief in separation. With belief in separation comes guilt and fear. Guilt and fear bring tears or the experience of lack and loss.

As we learn to undo this belief in separation with the help of our true Self, the tears are wiped away because we see that the separation we believed in is false and never happened. We see that these images of separation just came from false ideas. We quietly lay them down and no longer desire them or want to see them.

As we continue the process of laying down all our false beliefs that stem from the false idea of separation, our tears are wiped away many times. We learn to generalize the correction in our perception to every false idea we have been hanging on to.

As these false ideas gradually recede from our sight, a new world appears. God\'s world is the opposite of the world of separation. God\'s world is all inclusive. There is a total joining rather than division or separate factions. Differences fall away.

This is where we are now — letting the false ideas fall away with Holy Spirit leading the way. As we continue to be led to God\'s world, we dream a new dream, one that leads to the end of all dreams.

Today I would practice being mindful of whose hand I am holding, the ego\'s or the Holy Spirit\'s. Am I seeing through the eyes of separation or seeing through the eyes of the Holy Spirit, Who always brings me to perceiving oneness? If I am holding the ego\'s hand, I will focus on differences, conflict and lack. If I am holding Holy Spirit\'s hand I will feel the peace and joy of recognizing the Spirit of God behind all forms, the abundance and joy of God behind this physical world.

Today I will practice joining with Holy Spirit in laying down the dream of separation and recognizing God\'s world.

It is important not to confuse God\'s world with the world we are used to seeing with the body\'s eyes. Because God Himself is formless, being Love and nothing else, there can be no forms in His world. God\'s world is Heaven, where all is joined in one eternal Love.

As long as we judge, we cannot know this world, for judgment requires division and separation. We experience the world of form because we have rejected or judged against God\'s oneness. Having rejected our Source, which means we have rejected Love, sadness and depression are inevitable. It is impossible to be happy when we believe we are cut off from Love. It is not God Who has cut us off. It is we who have denied His Love.

The judgment against God\'s Love has led to the perception of a world of judgment. All things are separated by some distinction. It is only through differences that we are able to distinguish one form from another. In this world we believe that judgment is essential for survival. We spend many years in training ourselves how to judge correctly so that we will be safe and be able to survive. We learn about history so that we can be more effective judges in the present.

While we believe we are in this world of forms, judgment is necessary, But it is important for us to learn a new way of judging that is not of this world if we are to escape the fearful dream of separation. We learn this new way of judging from the Holy Spirit. His judgment is simple. He knows that everything is either real or unreal, and what is unreal can have no effect.

As we learn to follow His lead and let Him judge on our behalf, He leads us to the edge of judgment. Here we stand and make our final judgment, in which we recognize that we are innocent, along with all that lives. When this is fully recognized without exception, we are free to take God\'s Hand as He lifts us gently into His world, where judgment never existed. There are no tears here, for there is no loss. In God\'s world there is only the eternal extension of Love and the joy that comes from giving and receiving with All That Is.

Today I would take the Holy Spirit\'s hand and let Him guide all my thoughts. I would let Him judge all things on my behalf so that I may learn to see the innocence He sees. Thus will I forgive the world and relinquish all judgment, for I desire with all my heart to know God\'s world.


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