already blown everything this year…

ive got a assistant managers grow meeting where i get assesed on my performance,soon that im dreading. work has been horrided and stupid messing up with money and stock auditing ive been doing lately is unbelieveable. i might be out of a job if it doesnt go well which is not good since ive been looking for a new job for a while now. 🙁

the boyfriend is probably not the boyfriend with a fair few mistakes on my part moods make me do stupid things. driving my friends mad probably i really liked him but he doesnt know if he wants to be with me or not have to give him a few days. which i cant do because its killing me after one hate feeling nelgected

the ex that broken my heart decides to say he wants to try again!! but makes it sound that going back out with me is going to put his life back to normal like a support group. which is making me think im i just getting used to get him straight like i helped him when he was struggling when we was together.  then when he feels that i cant do anything more for him he dumps me again

i dont know cant sleep properly, snapping like a croc with a bad tooth, eating more than ever then  not because i have a sick feeling in my stomach that im going to get the sack. and hoping im not pregnant because the condom spilt got the morning after pill but havent felt right . thinking i would like to keep it if iam somebody to love that wont leave me. but dont think its fair single mum whats messed up everything           

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  1. sleet 13 years ago

    thanks, i wish i was a strong person then i wouldnt of made so many mistakes with everything. 

    least my boyfriend or nots talking to me now. but the ex is still playing on my mind third time a charm?   

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