I will try from now on to label these blogs for whom I directing them at. A few friends made the point that not all advice suits everyone. Don\'t worry, I will continue to write others that will suit everyone. This one is simply to wrap your mind around the idea of your anxious thought process. Directed at people that are moving forward but still left with avoidance behaviors.

So, If you where anxious about eating apples. You fully beleived that eating an apple will give you the worst attack. An attack means all of the thoughts and feelings associated with panic and anxiety at there worse. You look at the apple and you can feel anxiety building, you think of apples and you get uneasy. Now you are sitting on a couch a man with a ski mask bust down your front door. He has a gun and hits you with it. You are terrified for your life. He pulls out an apple and points the gun at you. He then tells you to eat it. Would you say "no, I have anxiety towards apples"? Think about that. Now, when all is said and done. You ate the apple because you made a choice. You saw the gun as a real threat so your irrational fear of apples was "shrunk". This is called forcefull desensitization. It\'s how "strong" people get over fears. A psycologist will call this the elevator technique. )If you are affraid of elevators, just get in one).  Now the other methode is to create an anchor than slowly chip away at the fear in all forms. An anchor is a reinforced feeling. This is why relaxation is so important with anxiety. You need to practice relaxation. When you are in an anxious situation you bring back that feeling of relaxation. It is your anchor. A big old possitive, rusty stable anchor. So you think about the apple, it will make you anxious so you use your anchor. keep doing this time after time. Keep rationalizing youtr thought, what ever they may be. Tell yourself that these are just thoughts and they are not real. Just thoughts, feelings and symptoms. Nothing dangerous about apples. Then sit in front of one. Use the same techniques as above. Then take a little tiny bit. Then next time a bigger bit, then two bits,….ect.  Keep eating apples and the fear will be completely none existant. You are all affraid of apples and I just want you to eat it and see its not so bad. Before I tell you to eat that apple, I want you to be relaxed, I want you to feel safe, I want you to love you and accept everything around you. I want you to see that there are many beautiful and wonderful, safe things to eat apples for. Some people say that there are different degree of apple fears but this is false. Anxiety has no degree, your imagination however fuels your anxiety and the imagination is endless. So with that being said, I want your imagination to be possitive, I want it to speak possitive things to your subconcious. So when faced with your apple you wont see only a fear of apples, you will see the sunset you enjoyed last night, you will see the neighbor you helped last week, you will see all the wonderful things you fill yourself up with. Then your only fear is the apple. Just a simple little apple. I know I seem like I\'m judging sometimes but that is for specific people. When some people are ready for their apple I can see the hesitation. This is when I give the extra boost. I say "HEY ITS JUST A FREAKIN APPLE" lol. Those of you who are moving on and doing things understand this nudge. It is helpful, you can\'t deny that. For the others, this is a progressive blog. You have to read ALL of my blogs to get to this point. You have to do all the steps I talk about! You cannot half ass anxiety! So, I hope this clears the air. I don\'t want anyone to feel that I push because I think you are weak. I was where you are once. I saw pushy people as ars holes but then I realized that these people had no other motivation than to fix me. The advice I got was "be a man" lol. I would never say that to someone. But it worked for me because I all my friends and co workers are large hairy bikers lol.

  1. Happy_Sad_Lady 12 years ago

    Man I feel you and thats how I deal with my anxiety the best when it tries to strike I just eat the damn apple its not always that easy but I atleast try really hard to make myself eat the apple.

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  2. layllove2004 12 years ago

    Nice. if you push through the body symptoms and just do it, the body symptoms will dissipate and then certain activities will feel \”normal\” again. The body symptoms will NOT hurt you, they only create a fear reaction. Change the reaction… Life is 5%what happens to us and 95% how we react to it.
    I really have a lot to say about this but I will leave it with that, for now…..

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  3. layllove2004 12 years ago

    By the way. Keep up the positive reinforcement!

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